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NOTE: Underage sex is illegal, You must be legal age to read this site.

Roleplay sex is a cyber fantasy game. It is part and parcel of cybersex. Like a movie star you pick a story and characters you want to play, and then it leads to cybersex. This helps people who have different fantasies, use cybersex to fulfill such fantasies:

How to begin a roleplay?

  • Discuss Fantasies
  • Age groups you want to play
  • Characters you want to play
  • Discuss the story. Story is the heart. This should include:
    1. Understanding characters
    2. Ages of characters (Please avoid pedo, and underage as it’s against rules).
    3. How well characters know each other?
    4. Where scene will start?
    5. What will be the turning point in a scene leads to hot steamy sex.
    6. Decide the pace of play (How much build up, how much foreplay, how much oral, how much vaginal and how much anal).
    7. If you want quick, then still discuss the story like you are going to play from beginning, after mutual discussions you may start somewhere in middle or closer to sex. That way you always visualize what, how and where you are getting laid. Remember mind is everything and visualization of pleasure is the key.
  • Once it starts then you can discuss changes you want of feelings in a brackets (). for example: (Should we change to a doggy position?)
  • Don’t drag one position for a long time, keep changing, mix it with oral, vaginal, then oral positions then back to vaginal or tit fuck. I prefer anal always at the end. For me once you do anal, you finish there (hygiene reasons).
  • Don’t masturbate and type: Keyboards and phones have lots of bacteria and viruses. This could lead to genital infection. Women shouldn’t do this. Vaginal infections are bad.
  • Last but not least. Like real life, when your female partner suggest something, she isn’t asking for your permission, but she is politely saying let’s do this, if you don’t then you may lose her. So male partners needs to be flexible here within their limits. If you can do that then fine, otherwise suggest a minor modification within your limits. Both parties should be flexible.

Some of the popular broad categories :

  • Incest (blood relations)
  • Step relations
  • Half blood relations
  • Non-blood relatives (Father-in-Law, Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law).
  • Friends with benefits
  • Husband Wife
  • Sex with Ex
  • Age play:
    • Young Girl and a Mature Man
    • Young Boy and a Mature Female (Can be MILF)
  • MILF
  • Dom – Sub/Slave
  • Domme – Sub/Slave
  • Strangers
  • Doctor nurse
  • Doctor patient
  • Nurse patient
  • Teacher – Student
  • Landlord – tenant / Paying guest
  • Sci-Fi: Alien and Human
  • Hentai
  • News Anchors
  • News Reporter and a Cameraman
  • Friend’s Dad
  • Dad’s Friend
  • Next door neighbor (This can be young teen-mature man, and many combinations).
  • Mom’s hot new young friend
  • Friend’s wife
  • Wife’s friend
  • Police and a Criminal
  • Jailer and a Criminal
  • Modern girl lost in jungle and captured by a Jungle tribe.
  • Whore / Hooker / Stripper / Call Girl. (This can be mixed with incest and other category too, like you ordered a call girl and when she arrives you are shocked to see your daughter, friends wife, or co-worker, etc.)
  • Office related:
    • Co-workers
    • Boss and Secretary
    • Marketing executive
    • Boss and employee’s wife (for promotion)
    • Boss’s wife and employee
  • Politician — Media Anchor/Person/Director
  • Politician – Poor Girl asking for help
  • Village Chief/Money lander and Farmer’s daughter.
  • Goon and a Girl in club
  • Bartender and a Customer
  • Brother’s Friend/Sister/Brother
  • Sister’s friend
  • Event planner and a Groom
  • Event planner and a Bride
  • Concierge Lady and a Hotel Guest
  • Maid
  • Servant
  • Hotel House keeping manager and a Guest
  • Fashion photographer and a Model
  • Film Actress and a Director (Casting Couch)
  • Group Sex
    • Threesomes (M/F/F or M/F/M)
    • Polygamy (M/F/F/F)
    • Polyamory based
    • Mixed (M/F/F/M/F/M)
  • etc..

Then comes a theme. Theme is very important. This helps you to build the story.

Some popular themes :

  • Home alone
  • Studying together
  • Hiking
  • Cruise
  • Cruise or plane crash and you guys land into some remote island.
  • Reality show
    • Big Brother / Big Boss
    • Singing / Dancing Show
    • Survivor
  • Travelling with family
  • Cheating
    • Party in a hotel
    • Party at home
    • Mall
    • Hill station
    • Conference
    • Ride to home or another town
    • Bump into each other in foreign country
  • Doctor’s office
  • Abduction
  • Forced
  • Blackmailing
  • Impregnation (This can be mixed with any other situation, say husband is infertile. You are taking a help of someone with your husband’s knowledge or without knowledge).
  • Farmhouse
  • Glory hole
  • Accidental spilling of drinks on one’s clothes
  • Movie theater seduction (friends — or whoever, watching a movie together and hands rub, eating popcorn etc etc)
  • Swimming pool
  • Watching a movie together at home and suddenly a porn scene comes (helps with any relations like incest or non-incest)
  • BDSM
  • Casting Couch
  • Porn moving theme
    • Porn moving casting
    • Two porn actors are fucking on set (This is easy without any long setup and complex theme)
    • Porn star next door
  • Two strangers in a resort
    • Private beach with cabins next to each other
  • Strangers — Sex on beach
  • Office Party
  • Secret Sex Party — invitation only type
  • Swinging couple
  • Work related Promotion
  • Marriage (This can be very wide, you can select from various ceremonies till dance party).
  • Family get together
  • College / School reunion.
  • etc.

For those who aren’t into role building, but wants only cyber, then just play yourself. You can think the theme is some open sex party, someone walked to you and started touching, etc etc etc.

Tips to be good at roleplay:

  • Don’t start with ASL.
  • Be polite, introduce yourself first with a smile. People will freak out if you ask ASL. This is same as you are walking on a street and “someone” asks your name, information without any reference.
  • Don’t try to be James Fucking Bond. Simple, don’t ask for phone number, facebook, twitter, skype or any other id. IRC provides anonymous way to enjoy.
  • Don’t ask “Tell your real age”, “Real name?” such thing. This is the fantasy world. Live your fantasy and move on.
  • Don’t insist on verifying if someone is male or a female. Why should they verify? It requires to reveal personal information that can put them in jeopardy. If you think (even if your super smart sixth sense tells you) that they are not female then bring one along with you.
  • Don’t try to be a hero in main — avoid temptation to say he/she is not a female/male, or sucks in a roleplay. None of your business. Others will find out. What you are looking for in a roleplay, others are not looking for the same thing. Everyone is different.
  • Try to think before you write.
  • Avoid writing many short lines one after another, combine them in a paragraph. Come’on, Let’s face it, no one likes to see many scrolling lines on their computer or phones. It is irritating. Your argument will be but I want to send my message as quickly as possible. That approach will send message to other person that you are impatient. 2 to 3 minutes delay between long paragraph is fine, and 1 minute delay is fine between short messages.
  • Keep humor alive. Which also means no humor on nicks. You can be humorous without hurting anyone.
  • Avoid bashing religion, culture, or a specific country.
  • Ask one’s kinks, limits, turn on, and turn offs before starting the play. Most limits are pedo, toilet, shit, pee, fart, biting, snuff, beating.
  • Don’t insult someone if he / she gives you a constructive feedback.
  • Don’t insist on one’s grammar. That’s clear turn off. Not everyone in the world speak English well, even native speakers don’t write that well, so STOP judging someone based on their comprehension skills.
  • Try to visualize the role as you play. Remember you are an actor/actress in a porn movie. Visualize and feel what is happening around you.
    • Don’t insist her to get naked in real. You don’t know where is she. Does it matter if she is naked or not? Just visualize she is naked. This relates to the visualization.
    • Don’t insist her to do things in real. Visualize she is doing it. Roleplay and cybersex is all about visualization. Use your mind for maximum pleasure.
  • Don’t think that because someone is from the same place as you are gives you the first right to interact with her, or play with her every time
  • Bad questions to start conversation with:
    • Active?
    • Naked?
    • What are you wearing?
    • Cam?
    • Phone?
    • Skype?
    • Facebook?
    • Tinder?
  • Instead introduce your self first. She may not share her personal information, so ask her information like (skype, cam, facebook, tinder, and cam) with a great caution. I don’t share this information. If they ask again, I can become rude, because I fear my privacy is at risk.
  • If a girl partner doesn’t reply don’t keep sending her message. Just be polite, don’t be rude otherwise that avenue will be closed for ever. So be nice to others, and treat others the way you like to be treated. Don’t be a dick. Be a good net citizen.

Safety Tips for Cybersex

  • Protect your computer using anti-virus, and anti-malware software
  • Never give in to pressure to share your personal information. Meeting someone online and delving into some kinky cybersex is an exhilarating experience – but only if you’re comfortable doing so. Never feel pressured into doing someone you’re uncomfortable with (e.g. send nudes, video chat etc.), blocking anyone that is being too forceful with their requests. Just like in person, cybersex must be 100% consensual – don’t let anyone pressure you into thinking otherwise.
  • Get a New Email Account
  • Don’t share your skype, email, phone, social media accounts. It is not worth it. No matter how handsome or beautiful that person appears to be. It can destroy your life. If they pressurize, use ignore/block. They may type lol, rofl, you are backward etc. Just don’t give in.
  • Use VPN: Opera browser gives you a vpn. Use trusted VPN. Also visit https://privacytools.io
  • If someone msgs you and you do not want to engage, simply use the ignore command.

— Mehwish #roleplaysex on dalnet (irc.dal.net port 6697 [ssl])