#roleplaysex on dalnet rules

The following few points are meant to be the channel guidelines for #RoleplaySex:

(1) 16+ only:
You must be 16 years of age or older to join #RoleplaySex. Users who are found to be under the age of 16 will be denied access to the channel upon failure to reply to age query and/or ceasing to portray themselves as underage.

(2) English only:
The official language of #RoleplaySex is English, if you wish to speak in another language please take it to PM (private message).

(3) Trolling:
Please keep advertisements at least 15 minutes apart in the channel. Failure to comply will result in the user being warned & next time kicked, repeat offenders will be banned.

(4) Topics & arguments:
NO causing drama or fighting with other channel members. Take personal issues or arguments to PM and out of the channel, or better still use the /ignore command.

NO nicks/chat related to pedo/snuff or other illegal activities are permitted whether actual or roleplay. Users found to be engaging in roleplay/chat of this nature will be removed.

NO discrimination will be tolerated. This includes Religion, Politics, Nationality, Race, Sexual Orientation etc.

NO discussion about religious slander or blasphemy of any kind.

(5) Private messages:
You don’t need to ask permission to private message (PM) people in channel. Should anyone feel bothered by unwanted PMs, please avoid complaints on public channel. If you don’t want to get PMed you can use your whois to remark it, or learn how to use the /ignore command.

(6) NO clones (joining the channel with multiple nicks at once).

(7) Don’t be annoying:
NO caps lock abuse, no nuking, no flooding, no away messages, no CTCP messages or bot abuse. No slapping in channel.

NO doxing (posting other people’s private information) or violating privacy of others.

NO flaming (saying anything that is hurtful to another individual). This includes the intention to discredit, harass, insult, ostracize, or stirring up others to do the same. Disrespect and intolerance towards other people is NOT acceptable. Please respect females, even if you are of the opinion that they’re impersonators or posers. No complaining about fake female nicks in channel.

(8) No spamming:
NO advertising or inviting users to join other channels or servers.
Posting links IS permitted in the channel provided they aren’t links to malicious content. Please keep your links at least 15 minutes apart in #RoleplaySex. Posting underage porn links (below 18) will not be tolerated.

(9) Do not harass the Chanop(s) about a ban – they’re not obligated to respond. Users will not question an Op’s decisions directly on main, you can either private message them or join our help channel #RoleplaySexHelp for resolution. Final Arbitration Authority: Dom, if he is not available then Mehwish but most cases she will defer to Dom.

(10) Respect Channel’s and DALnet’s rules. The Channel Ops are not excluded from these said rules.

Please also keep in mind…
If any individual has a problem with any other user(s), they may contact any of the Channel Ops by private message only, so as not to involve the entire rest of the channel unnecessarily.

Individuals who do NOT respect this rule will be subject to action taken against them.

You may report any objectionable issues, and the Channel Ops will, at their sole discretion, take any appropriate action if required.

If you disagree with these rules, please feel free NOT to join #RoleplaySex, otherwise we hope that you enjoy your stay with us.

Rules For Channel Ops:
DON’T break above-mentioned rules.
Always give a warning first, then kick. Repeat offenders will be banned.
DON’T Ban/Kick without reason.
DON’T Ban/Kick for personal reasons.
DON’T argue with/abuse members.
DON’T misuse your power.a

Kicking clone nicks:
First check whether the nick responds to ping ( type /ctcp <nick> ping ) before kicking. Kick the nick only if there is no ping response.